JBL is an American acoustic and audio engineering company that is part of Harman International Industries. It has three key areas of business. The first direction, the biggest one, is car audio. Second direction, PRO or professional "voice" and equipment. Third - lifestyle or consumer acoustics.

The company was founded in 1946 by James Bulllow Langsing. He was a brilliant audio engineer, for example, at the age of 12 he collected a radio receiver that intercepted messages from a US military base that he was having trouble with the military. Mr Lansing's genius was also appreciated by ordinary users, the D-130 was sold for 55 years, and the D-175 bass driver remains in the JBL catalog to this day. Mr Landsing's authority was so great that even after his death, audio systems with the Jim Lansing Signature Sound were very popular. Today contracts with such car manufacturers Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Land Rover and many others are concluded. Which definitely speaks not only about the level of confidence, but also about the quality of the products.

JBL slogan "Dare to listen!" - The call to listen, warns, when you hear the sound of JBL Signature, you will become a fan of the brand forever. The idea behind JBL is to make HI-FI sound accessible and allow everyone to choose what they like.