Mark Levinson


Mark Levinson is an American privately held company that became part of Harman International Industries in the early 2000s. Since its foundation under the name Mark Levinson Audio Systems (MLAS) in the early 70s of the last century, it has specialized in the development of Hi-End class audio equipment. These are audio amplifiers, preamps, digital audio processors and other components for audiophiles.

Over the past years, Mark Levinson has consistently produced the highest quality, durable and easy-to-use, luxurious and carefully thought-out audio equipment. This perfection of sound is invariably preserved in all products. Almost every new brand model is hotly debated in audiophile circles and communities. Many products have a timeless status and cult significance. The creators of this technique are in no hurry. Carefully select the best components. The readiness of new systems is announced only when they exceed all expectations. Only in this way appears the new Mark Levinson model.