Karma Digital | Official representative of Niles in Ukraine | Smart climate and audio solutions



The official distributor of the Niles brand in Ukraine is the Karma Digital company.

Niels specializes in the production of embedded solutions: speakers, amplifiers, climate control panels and audio. The company's solutions are distinguished by a friendly interface, flexibility of configuration and versatility. Niels, a member of Nortek Security & Control, guarantees a high degree of integration with security systems and connection security, which advises all international standards.

Integration or creation of a smart home with Niles products opens up possibilities for controlling room temperature, which saves money and maintain an optimal climate for health. To control the systems at home, physical switches, touch panels, for more precise configuration and control, and a mobile application are provided. Most of the company's products have a high degree of protection against moisture, and some even protection according to the standards of the US Army.

Niles systems allow streaming audio from streaming services (Pandora, Tunel, Tidal, etc.) and control playback separately in each room. If you want to create your oasis with a high degree of reliability and security, then Niles will be the best solution.

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