Karma Digital | Official representative of NUVO in Ukraine | Car audio



Karma Digital is the official distributor of NUVO in Ukraine.

NUVO is a US-based company specializing in the production of embedded home audio systems and controls. One of the few companies on the market that continues to follow the originally chosen course and improving its decisions in accordance with new trends. It is currently part of Legrand Corporation.
Smart home systems for the mass consumer mean control through a voice assistant or through a smartphone. The NUVO product range can offer touch or push-button solutions for controlling the system, which makes it completely autonomous. The ability to integrate the system separately or in conjunction with a smart home makes NUVO solutions one of the most attractive on the market.

As for the acoustic capabilities of the system, they are absolutely flexible and can be created according to the preferences of the client. The ability to place speakers covertly and at the same time get great sound quality that you can control and distribute in rooms, just like a conductor controls an orchestra. Your house turns into a real concert hall, with one touch on the touch panel.

Perfect sound hidden from view even in the garden or by the pool, thanks to the incredible design solutions of NUVO.

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