PIEGA was founded in 1986. It is located near Zurich and carries a truly Swiss production culture and approach to business. PIEGA columns are as accurate as a Swiss chronometer. And besides the logical “Swiss Made” (Made in Switzerland), two proprietary PIEGA technologies that complement each other perfectly are responsible for this. The founders of PIEGA, Kurt Scheich (Kurt Scheich) and, then, engineer Leo Greiner (Leo Greiner), were interested in isodynamic emitters. Invented by Shaikh LDR (Linear Drive Ribbon), he soon received an improved modification of LDR II - it was with these products that the company entered the market. The minimum mass of the movable part of the tape tweeters allows you to get a truly reference sound. In 2000, when Schaich and Greiner introduced the sensational coaxial isodynamic emitter, it became clear that it was time to produce our own acoustics. But traditional material, MDF, limited the possibilities of conceived models with their unconventional form. In collaboration with European designer Hannes Wettstein, PIEGA switched to aluminum bodies made by extrusion from materials and at the facilities of the local Boeing division. Uniquely rigid and light cabinets are much smaller in comparison with their counterparts. So two main PIEGA technologies in combination with computer-aided design of systems based on audiophile components made it possible to produce compact and powerful acoustics with Swiss precision