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Karma Digital is the official representative of the QED brand in Ukraine.

QED is an American company founded in 1973 and specializing in the manufacture of the highest quality cables. QED is an abbreviation (Q.E.D. - quod erat demonstrandum) from English which translates as what was required to prove. In 1994, the company initiated a large-scale study on the effect of cable quality on sound, the results for many were shocking. Hi-FI / HI-END manufacturers in their products try to reduce signal loss to a minimum so that the end user can enjoy the high-end sound of their product. And in the end, the consumer takes an old cable, bought in the nearest store, and DOES NOT get a surge of emotions and admiration from listening. QED solves this problem.

QED is a leader in its segment and this is achieved thanks to several factors.

1. Technologies - the company always strives to improve its products and follows emerging trends in the market;

2. Warranty - when buying any product of the company, the consumer receives a lifetime warranty;

3. Reputation - a company has been on the market for more than 40 years and has one of the best (if not the best) reputation in the field.

4. Result - the consumer will always get the best possible result, this is confirmed by the numerous awards of the company in the field of Hi-Fi.

If you need a better solution for connecting anything, the choice will be obvious to QED - as required.

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