REL Acoustics was founded in the UK in 1990. The creator of the company is Richard Lord (Richard Edmund Lord). Richard set a difficult goal: to create a device that would achieve uncompromising sound in the full range of low frequencies in the room. He proceeded from the fact that large speakers in the room sound hollow, therefore, all manufacturers limit them to the low frequency range. Small speakers, even theoretically, cannot reproduce enough bass. Richard Lord has developed a special sub-bass device, due to its unique properties and a special “high-level” connection, it is possible to achieve seamless matching with almost any speaker, getting a system with a full range of sound frequencies of the highest quality. All REL sub-bass systems are assembled manually, with a careful selection of components, guaranteeing unique sound quality and increased reliability. A wide selection of models will help you choose the right subwoofer for both your stereo system and home theater. Want more? Design your stereo with two and a movie theater system with three sub-bass REL devices.