Karma Digital | Official Sunfire Representative in Ukraine | Sunfire speakers and speakers



The official distributor of the Sunfire brand in Ukraine is the Karma Digital company

Sunfire is a U.S. company founded in 1994 by legendary audio engineer Bob Carver. The company specializes in the production of high-tech speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers.

Bob Carver in the early 80s of the last century caused a stir and forced many companies to reconsider their approach to designing and creating new products. Bob managed to copy the sound of typical and most respected amplifiers on his solutions with a price tag 40 times cheaper.

The company's modern solutions are considered one of the best in its segment, and subwoofers are standard. For example, a subwoofer with dimensions of 35x34x33 cm is capable of delivering a power of 3000 W and sound pressure of 116 dB, this is one of the most impressive results in the industry. Ceiling and built-in speakers of the company also have the best value in the ratio of dimensions-power. The company's amplifiers inherited the ingenious solutions of Bob Carver. The technology that allows you to use almost all of the energy and convert it to output power is called Tracking Downconverter, which gives such high rates.

The end user of Sunfire products always gets the best technology solutions with high power in a compact package.

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