Sunfire brand products are known for their uncompromising quality, excellent value for money. Subwoofers of the new series continue the concept of the largest, large-scale bass in the smallest possible volume of the product. Did you know that placing a subwoofer has something in common with real estate? That's right - placement, position, orientation! The placement of the subwoofer has a huge impact on the quality and quantity of sound! One of the best methods for finding a place is: First, place the subwoofer in the main listening position (where you will most often find while listening to music or a movie)! Set the generator at 40-60 Hz. Walk around the room listening to problem areas, near the borders of the floor and the wall (the closer you are to the place where the wall meets the floor, the easier it is to identify problem areas - sometimes they are called “subwoofer bypass”). You will hear the cleanest, clearest, hardest bass. Listen to different locations throughout the room and this will help determine all the locations of the subwoofer with the best performance. Once you have determined the ideal places, choose the most suitable place based on the design of the room and personal aesthetic preferences. Then move the subwoofer to this place. The principle is known as the “law of inversions," and allows you to determine the best place for your subwoofer. Frequency-sweep tools (peaks / dips) can also help in this exercise, helping to pinpoint problem areas for placement. Use one or two subwoofers? Installing multiple subwoofers in your room will significantly improve the sound of low frequencies in a wider listening area with increased dynamics and volume. So yes, two are always better than one. If there is a problem with the signal cable, use our Sunfire 2.4 Hz wireless kit to transmit the signal over the radio at a distance of up to 10m.