The House of Marley


The House of Marley is a company originally from Jamaica, founded by Rohan Marley, the son of the famous reggae artist Bob Marley. The main activity of the company is consumer audio: headphones, portable speakers and even vinyl players. The House of Marley continues to follow the covenants that Bob left behind. All products of the company are made from environmentally friendly and / or recycled materials, which gives the products an exclusive design. In the name of the products, Bob Marley fans can easily recognize his tracks, this is another feature of the company.

The sound quality of the products is at a high level, since each model has an individual sound setting. The bass is deep and saturated, the mid frequencies are expressive and separate, and the high ones are powerful, but not oppressive.

Magazines and critics agree on one thing, The House of Marley is an ideal combination of features, price and quality. And if you take into account that the company gives the lion's share of profit to charity funds, then this is still an opportunity to become involved in saving the planet.