Van Den Hul


Van Den Hul company was founded in 1980 in the Netherlands and concentrated on the manufacture and design of cables, the distinctive features of which will be: durability, optimal protection against environmental factors, maximum use of environmentally friendly raw materials in the production process. After three years of intensive cooperation with chemists, a halogen free material (free of fluorine or chlorine) was obtained, which was created on the basis of silicon organics - hulliflex. Today, this material is used in many Van Den Hul cables, it is very tear resistant, chemically inert and withstands high temperatures. Cables created on the basis of carbon fiber, which have high flexibility in any section, have already managed to justify themselves. Due to the high surface resistance of each thread, there is practically no skin effect and other “diseases” of metal cables. Thanks to these and many other manufacturing techniques, Van Den Hul cables will sound just as good as they did in the first year after they began production in 10 years. Now Van den Hul cables have gained worldwide recognition and are considered the standard in many price categories.