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Electronic music, rock and maximum volume

2 years ago

Case CarAaudio with Ground Zero speakers in Lexus ES350

And now let's talk about the highest quality car speakers. Dedicated to real audiophiles! "Karma Digital" tells about the "sound" case of our partner and dealer SQA TEAM by Autostudio.
The task: to create a high-quality "turnkey" in-car sound system to listen to the music. An important thing - the client wants to listen to it loudly and with high quality.
Main musical directions: electro, rock
Process: a customer survey was conducted, the main request from the customer was cleared. The estimated budget of the project is $ 5,000. The car was inspected, technical features, regular places for devices were studied, and a work plan was prepared chosen to be installed. Specialized Ground Zero car speakers have been installed.
Why Ground Zero: The brand has been known for more than 15 years and has proven itself as a reliable manufacturer of car speakers. High feedback from experts, in particular, laboratory studies have confirmed the sound quality of this TM. Compact, easy-to-install amplifiers.
What hardware has been:
Front (front speakers), midbass - Ground Zero GZUK 165SQ
Broadband Speakers (Regular Door Spaces) - Ground Zero GZUF 60SQX
1-channel subwoofer amplifier - Ground Zero GZHA MINI ONE K
4-channel D-Class amplifier - Ground Zero GZHA MINI FOUR
2-channel D-class amplifier - Ground Zero GZHA MINI TWO
Subwoofer - Ground Zero GZUW 12SQX.
The result: the sound became better to play the whole spectrum of frequencies, became localized, brighter and more musical. The client smiled when he first heard the new sound live.
And there are even more interesting things, wait for the new cases on the site
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