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Drawing of AKG K52 headphones in support of the "New Generation" project

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Срок действия акции: 29/11/2021 - 10/12/2021

The Foundation for the Development of Ukrainian Music and the company Karma Digital, the music partner of the New Generation contest, are holding a drawing of AKG K52 studio headphones on Facebook!
Conditions for participation in the draw are quite simple:

1) liked this post;
2) subscribe to the Facebook pages @ Muzychnyi.Fond, @HarmanProfessionalUA and @karmadigitalhomesolutions;
3) post this post on your page;
4) in a comment to the post, tighten a friend who loves music.
Already on December 17 at 10:00 we will hold a draw among all participants. The winners will be selected randomly using the RANDOM.ORG service.
"New Generation 2021 (Autumn)" is a competition for young talented musicians, held by the Foundation for the Development of Ukrainian Music. Details here:
Karma Digital, the music partner of the competition, is a Ukrainian distributor of audio equipment and electronics.
We wish you a win!

Rules of the draw:
1. The results of determining the winner of the draw, who will be entitled to receive the Prize, are final and not subject to appeal. The organizer of the draw guarantees the objectivity of determining the Winners.
2. The organizer of the drawing does not enter into any disputes regarding the recognition of any persons as Participants / Winners of the drawing and the right to receive the Prize.
3. The organizer of the draw does not take responsibility for determining the rights of the parties in any disputes.

4. Replacement of the Prize with a cash equivalent is not allowed.
5. The prize is not exchangeable and non-refundable.
6. The Organizer of the drawing is not responsible for the impossibility of giving the Winner the opportunity to receive the Prize for any reasons beyond the control of the Organizer of the drawing, including if the name and / or surname, telephone number or other means of communication in connection with the Winner of the drawing were indicated incorrectly and / or incomprehensibly, or changed, etc., as well as in case of failure to provide the documents provided for in paragraph 4.
7. In this case, such Winners of the draw are not entitled to receive any compensation from the Organizer of the draw.
The organizer is not responsible for the actions of third parties that have led or may lead to the loss of questionnaires that allow you to participate in this draw.
8. The Organizer is not responsible in case of force majeure, such as natural disasters, fire, floods, hostilities of any kind, blockades, significant changes in the legislation in force in the territory of the draw, other beyond the control of the Organizer drawing of circumstances.
9. By participating in the draw, each Participant / Winner thereby confirms his consent to the use of information provided by the Organizer of the draw for marketing and / or any other purpose, methods that do not contradict current legislation of Ukraine (including by transfer to third parties persons), in particular, for free use of the name of the Participant / Winner, surname, photo, interview or other materials about him for advertising purposes, including the right to publish his name and photo / video in the media, any print, audio and video materials, interviews with the media, without limitation on the territory, term and method of such use, and such use is not compensated (not paid) by the Organizer of the draw and / or third parties. Granting such consent is also considered within the meaning of Art. Art. 296, 307, 308 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

Goods that are included in the promotion
AKG K52 (3169H00010)

1530 UAH/piece

In stock