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Get cool gifts from JBL for the brand's 75th anniversary

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Срок действия акции: 15/12/2021 - 31/12/2021

Get cool gifts from JBL for the brand's 75th anniversary

Today we will tell you about the legend, the legend in the sound. About a real, crazy sound that makes you dance, sing and cry with happiness from the first second.

JBL has been at the top of the charts for over 75 years, and all this time was creating unforgettable moments in the world of audio equipment. JBL technology has revolutionized film, music and gaming. There has never been too much or too little space for this technology, there have always been and will always be new opportunities to expand quality.

Yes, in this year we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the world-famous JBL brand. And for this event, JBL has prepared crazy gifts for its Ukrainian fans!

From December 15 on our  Instagram and  Facebook pages every day and until December 31 inclusive in each of the social networks we will play one pair of earphones JBL Tune 160BT.

And just before the New Year, on December 31, among all the participants of the draw for the period from December 15 to 31, we will determine the winners and give away two pairs of earphones JBL Tune 115 TWS and JBL Wave 100 in each of the social networks.

So join us on Instagram and  Facebook  so you don't miss the start of the contest.
As a bonus to the draw, today we will share with you interesting facts from the history of the JBL brand and its founder:

- In 1946, James Bullow Lansing, an audio engineer already known for his inventions, founded a company that the world later became known as JBL.

- Initially, the company was going to be called "Martini", because in fact J.B. Lansing was born James Martini.

- Already at the age of 12, Lansing made his first radio, through which he established contact with a neighboring US military base. Of course, the signal was sent by the base security service and forced the young engineer to disassemble the invention.

- The names of Bullow and Lansing, James took from friends of his family, in whom he often had to live in his youth.

- JBL became the second audio equipment company founded by James Martini (Bullow Lansing), the first being the Lansing Manufacturing Company, which was born in 1926.

You will learn more fascinating facts about the history of the JBL brand while our New Year's Eve competition on social media lasts.

Congratulations to the first winners:

  1. Artem Trachuk
  2. Elena Potenikhina
  3. Julia Zhovtulya
  4. Elena Vilkova
  5. Igor Tonyavin
  6. Alexander Loza
  7. Juliana Levchenko
  8. Natalia Ponamarenko
  9. Marina Body
  10. Valentin Kutsky
  11. Vladislav Belkin
  12. Maria Zubriy
  13. Panteleeva Irina
  14. Oleg Oshepkov
  15. Mykola Havrichenko
  16. Svetlana Berladina
  17. Violin Elena
  18. Konstantin Ryabets
  19. Iryna Petryshak
  20. Tatiana Nersesyan
  21. Natalia Tsyganchuk
  22. Alexey Shkarupa
  23. Elizabeth Pavlenko
  24. Roman Danov
  25. Oksana Ladna
  26. Vyacheslav Radetsky
  27. Alice Slyvkanych
  28. Vadim Oskolkov
  29. Mikhail Orobtsov
  30. Victoria Stankevich-Pastushenko
  31. Ludmila Kvasha
  32. Andriy Zhytsky
  33. Vitaliy Lelyuk
  34. Victor Plig
  35. Eugene Sytnyk
  36. Sergey Kashuba
  37. Alexander Sannikov

P.S. gifts have already been sent to those who provided their details according to the contacts specified in the rules!

Rules for drawing up to 75th birthday JBL:

1. Term of conducting the drawing: 15/12 / 2021–31 / 12/2021.

2. Rosіgrashі will be held one hour at Facebook and Instagram right away.

3. In order to participate in a rosy dancer, a singing social hedgehog needs:

 3.1. put a “like” on the contest post in the social framing, de vin buv of publications;

 3.2. subscribe or else we will write to the side https://www.facebook.com/JBLUkraine or https://www.instagram.com/jblukr/ in the presence of that, in which social media, point 3.1;

 3.3. repost the contest post: a) on your side, where the 3.1 item of Bulo Viconano is from Facebook, or b) on your side, like that Bulo Viconano on Instagram.

4. The contest posts will be published annually from 12/15/2021 to 12/30/2021 at 10:00.

5. Koristuvach of the merry, abstained to be a participant in the game, is guilty of the viconati's all participation, fixing at the moment of publication of the competitive post and until 8:00 of the day following the day of publication.

6. Every day from 12/16/2021 to 12/31/2021 at 10:00 am there will be two draws among koristuvachiv, which was announced in the publication for the next day - okremo for koristuvachiv Facebook and okremo for koristuvach Instagram

7. One pair of JBL Tune 160BT headphones will be played in the skin drawing among the participants, who have entered all of the participants for that competition post, which was published in advance of the day of the drawing.

8. The results of the number of games will be published about 12:00 on the day of the show in the direction of the current social media.

9.On 31/12/2021 at 13:00 there will be two razigrashi - okremo for koristuvachiv Facebook and okremo koristuvich Instagram.

10. One pair of JBL Tune 115TWS headphones and one pair of JBL Wave 100TWS headphones will play in the skin.

11. The competition will be held in the middle of all participants of the annual competition.

12. The results of this competition will be published about 15:00 on the day of the competition in the direction of the current social media.

13. The possibility of skin growth to be picked up by the same rank for the additional service of RANDOM.ORG, or the service of YOUTOGIFT.COM (the service of collecting the organizer of the application for the application).

14. The results of determining the winner of the draw, who will receive the right to receive a gift, are final and not subject to appeal. The organizer of the draw guarantees the objectivity of the procedure for determining the winner.

15. The organizer of the draw does not enter into any disputes regarding the recognition of any person as a participant or winner of the draw and the right to receive a gift.

16. The organizer of the draw does not take responsibility for determining the rights of the parties in any dispute.

17. Replacement of a gift with a cash equivalent is not allowed.

18. The gift is not subject to exchange or return.

19. Within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of the draw, the winner must send to the email address marketing@karma.digital electronic copies of the following documents:
1) passport (page (s) with photo (s), page with information about when, where and by which authority the passport was issued, page with registration of residence), or a copy of ID-card and Certificate of entry into the Unified State demographic register (attached to the ID card);
2) a copy of the certificate of assignment of an individual identification number.

20. Also upon receipt of the gift, the winner is required to complete and personally sign a receipt of the following content:
"I, the name of the winner, the registration number of the taxpayer's account card <card number> received a gift <name of the gift>, worth <the value of the gift>, free of charge from LLC" KARMA DIGITAL LTD "as part of the advertising campaign <name of the campaign>."

21. The organizer of the draw is not responsible for the inability to give the winner the opportunity to receive a gift for any reason beyond the control of the organizer of the draw, including if the name and / or surname, telephone number or other means of communication in connection with the winner of the draw were indicated incorrectly and / or incomprehensibly, or changed, etc., as well as in case of failure to provide the documents provided for in paragraph 19 of these rules.

22. In this case, such a winner of the draw is not entitled to receive from the organizer of the draw any compensation.

23. The organizer is not responsible in case of force majeure, such as natural disasters, fire, floods, hostilities of any kind, blockades, significant changes in the legislation in force in the territory of the draw, other beyond the control of the organizer drawing of circumstances.

24. By participating in the draw, each participant / winner hereby confirms his consent to the use of information provided by the organizer of the draw for marketing and / or any other purpose, methods that do not contradict current legislation of Ukraine (including by transferring to third parties persons), in particular, for the free use of the name of the Participant / Winner, surname, photo, interview or other materials about him for advertising purposes, including the right to publish his name and photos / videos in the media, any print, audio and video materials, interviews with the media, without limitation on the territory, term and method of such use, and such use is not compensated (not paid) by the organizer of the draw and / or third parties. Granting such consent is also considered within the meaning of Art. Art. 296, 307, 308 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

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