Revel is an American company founded in 1997. The main activities, production and distribution of high-quality luxury speakers. Today it is part of Harman International.

Each Revel product is the result of thousands of hours of work. Since 1996, relying on its own technical resources, unique testing tools and advanced design tools, inaccessible to most manufacturers to create each loudspeaker that the company produces. That's why Revel will set the standard for acoustic fidelity and let customers experience the level of acoustic fidelity they have never heard before.

At Revel, science is at the core of everything. While the rest of the industry focuses on surface aesthetics, our engineers are employed in the laboratory, improving the fidelity of acoustic products. Starting with the very first speaker, engineers obsessively test and re-test each element so that the end user gets the most out of each product. The result is music created with utmost purity - music that sounds as the artist intended.