Karma Digital | Official representative of Xantech in Ukraine Xantech acoustic cablesh



Karma Digital is the official representative of the Xantech brand in Ukraine.

Xantech is a U.S. company founded in 1969 that specializes in manufacturing devices for wireless access, depletion of devices and high quality connection cables. It is part of Nortek Security & Control, which guarantees a high level of integration into a smart home and security that meets international standards.
The company's products allow you to combine audio and video devices, as well as multimedia players to control one remote control. Multiroom solutions with full control of multiple sources from different rooms. Display data on color touch panels or keypads.

When connecting smart home systems, it is often necessary to convert a control signal and / or transmit it to a certain distance. Xantech has a set of ready-made and compact solutions that can solve such problems without loss of signal quality, and in the case of using an infrared signal, even improve the response speed.

Arranging a smart home is a complex and time-consuming process that requires exceptionally high-quality equipment that can solve tasks for decades. Xantech equipment has proven its reliability and quality in hundreds of thousands of homes.

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