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Karma Digital, the official representative of the Zappiti brand in Ukraine

Zappiti is a French company founded in 2010, specializes in the production of Hi-Fi media players, video servers and media centers. Media players belong to the premium class and are able to play video in 8K resolution with minimal noise and signal distortion and high quality color reproduction (10 bit). Support for a huge number of audio and video formats (including Dolby Atmos and DTS X) make the company's decisions completely omnivorous. Audiophiles will also appreciate the ability to play and transmit audio in high resolution 32 bit / 192 kHz, lossless.

However, the main consumer advantage of Zappiti solutions will be software. Although the players themselves work on android, the installed shell from Zappiti is much better suited for controlling the remote control. The pre-installed Zappiti Explorer application allows you to interact with all files on the device and connect to a network drive and cloud storage. Zappiti Media Center is your personal librarian who clearly knows where and what should be, and when a new film appears, knows which series and genre it belongs to. Installed android on media centers, full-fledged (like on the phone) and makes it possible to install any application and widgets from the Play store. Separately, it is worth noting the large number of possibilities for connecting to media players. Which opens up opportunities for gaming on controllers. A “pocket” for a hard drive is provided for storing a personal library.

The functionality and capabilities of Zappiti solutions will delight music lovers and moviegoers with sound and picture quality, you no longer have to look for a movie in a suitable format, since Zappiti media players and media centers are almost omnivorous.

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